SNMP Technologies provides world-class energy, security and information technology solutions. Solutions that include building management and access control. The system features include energy data collection of electrical, water, gas and steam measurements. access & energy management systems, security controls, energy & carbon dashboards, building monitoring & analytics. Our solutions are part of our partner, Schneider Electric’s, EcoStruxure Architecture. The EcoStruxure Architecture is Schneider’s approach to creating intelligent energy management systems that connects 5 domains of expertise- power, data centers, processes & machines, building management, and physical security. The EcoStruxure Architecture system allows users to see, measure, & manage energy and resource use data across their entire organization, with guaranteed compatibility among critical energy domanins, resulting in optimized energy and operational efficiency of your facility, and reduced energy and operation costs, saving users up to 30%. The EcoStruxure system allows SNMP, along with Schneider Electric, to develop scalable and converged/combined IT/OT solutions that:

  • Maximize energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Enhance asset availability and performance
  • Facilitate/enable smart, productive and profitable operations
  • Provide mobile insight and proactive risk-mitigation
  • Foster open innovation and interoperability

EcoStruxure Solutions bring together energy, automation & software, and provide enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability & connectivity. EcoStruxure Solutions help users maximize the value of data, by providing data that is easily translated into actionable intelligence which helps users make better business decisions.

The EcoStruxure Solutions that SNMP provides include the Access Xpert Solution, SmartStruxure Solution, and SmartStruxure Lite Solution, and make up solutions in the building management domain of the architecture. Our engineers are certified by Schneider Electric to design, install, implement, and operate any of our solutions, as well as provide training and any additional support that may be needed by the customer for successful and effective operation and maintenance of the solutions. At SNMP, we are confident that the solutions we provide enable us to ensure the safety, comfort, reliability, efficiency & sustainability of the client’s business and their facilities.

Hotel Guestroom Energy Management.

Hotel Room Management System Overview