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In the next decade, traditional telecommunication services will be replaced by new models emphasizing enhanced services and content over basic access and transport. These new services leverage network-based storage, digital photography, and voice portals; it will spur the use of public wireless LANs, wireless virtual private networks, mobile multimedia messaging, and other technologies.

SNMP designs and installs customized telecommunications networks to meet standard and enhanced telecommunication services. We complete installations in a cost-effective manner for our customers by building and maintaining a secure communications infrastructure.

Telecommunications Services:

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Document Management

SNMP SAFE: Electronic Document Management System

SAFE is a complete paperless document management solution, allowing organizations to increase efficiency and security, mitigate compliance risks, save physical space and reduce their carbon footprint — all without fundamental changes to existing workflows and processes.

Traditional filing systems — documents scattered across filing cabinets, shared drives and personal hard drives, with ad hoc security measures and little or no version control protocol — are rife with hassles, headaches, risks and expense. By creating a centralized repository where all documents are accessed, managed, indexed and shared, SAFE allows you to get rid of paper, find information easily and focus on core competencies.


SAFE is available both as licensed software installed on your server space, or hosted in a secure, private cloud. Either version is configured with each installation, creating a tailored solution for any organization. It’s your office, your workflows, your processes and your culture — you can go paperless.


Paperless made simple


SAFE is dramatically more efficient, secure and sustainable than legacy filing systems. But that doesn’t mean its implementation comes with a steep learning curve and an initial drain on production. At Cabinet, we only deploy our software after an in-depth discovery process, allowing us to customize SAFE to your existing business practices and rules. The result is an efficient, fully digital version of your organization’s workflows, working hard from Day 1 to create maximum efficiency — and ROI — with minimal ramp-up time and disturbance.