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We Have Moved!

We are thrilled to announce that we have moved our offices to a new location, so that we are able to expand and improve our company and better serve our clients! Our new offices are located at 6767 Old Madison Pike NW, Suite 292, Huntsville, AL 35806. We are excited about the many great relationships, business opportunities, and accomplishments to be made in our new office space! Our new office has allowed up to put in place proof of concept labs and adequate bench space for assembly, staging our systems before deployment and demonstrations. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you!! Call or email us at 256-585-3284 or We look forward to hearing from you!

Recent Activities

    Certified Schneider Electric Engineers

    SNMP has three certified building management system engineers. These engineers have the capability to fully assess a building energy infrastructure then produce a system design, implement the design and provide the required operation and maintenance.

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    SNMP Certified Industrial Control Certification

    SNMP created a certification that encompasses and require indebt knowledge of HVAC systems, controls and data collection using smart meters. We are currently working with an Alabama technical college to train students to become certified industrial controls professional (CICP) candidates.
    The certification requires a candidate to have a mechanical engineering background that includes heating and ventilation air conditioning systems experience and can earn a controls certification through SNMP Technologies. SNMP controls certification is a Schneider Electric product and centered around Building Management Systems and metering to prove the requirements to earn the CICP certification.

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    SNMP and NuSpatial Consulting Partnership

    NuSpatial will represent SNMP Technologies as a system and services representative for promoting the sale of, and soliciting orders for, SNMP products and services from Customers situated within the Territory, all as defined in contract.

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    SNMP and Avion Partnership

    Both SNMP and Avion strive to offer and provide energy services to their market(s) and customers, which lower operating costs through utilizing proven methods that improve energy efficiency and implementing energy conservation measures (ECM’s). SNMP is in a unique position because of our certified partnership with Schneider Electric (SE), a leading global specialist in energy management, which provides us access to extensive hardware and software product portfolios necessary to support our common goals. Through our partnership with SE, SNMP can provide all the hardware and software products, as well as SE certified engineers that would be needed for effective and successful implementation. SNMP provides integrated solutions to make energy safer, more reliable, efficient and productive for the energy infrastructure customer. Avion uses an unbiased four-pronged service approach to energy efficiency, to provide their customers with energy efficiency measures to lower operating costs for their facilities. The four prongs are implemented as follows; (1) billing analysis and benchmarking data is collected, (2) energy audit services are performed to assess the current efficiency level the building is running at, compared to similar buildings; (3) Avion uses the data collected from the billing analysis, benchmarking and energy audits, combined with the customer’s needs and budget, and creates an action plan; (4) measurement and verification processes are included in the action plan to enable the customer to monitor and maintain the building’s efficiency, and most importantly allows the customer to track their operating and energy costs in order to see how much they are saving financially. Avion and SNMP’s core synergies exist within the four-prong service approach. Avion provides the business case for the customer, and SNMP provides the products necessary to measure, verify and maintain energy efficiency to successfully and effectively implement the action plan created for the customer. The synergies within Avion and SNMP have already been established and proven, so that both companies desire to progress together and move forward into a more formal business relationship.

    Cisco partnership

    SNMP has been partners with Cisco System since its inception. Cisco provides SNMP with its voice, data and video communication products. Cisco's networking solutions connect people, computing devices and computer networks, allowing people to access or transfer information without regard to differences in time, place or type of computer system. If anyone can lay claim to a 'heritage' in an industry as young as global networking, then it is Cisco. SNMP has the confidence that cisco is the best partner for our networking product needs.

    SNMP Partnership with ISC²

    SNMP is an official Approved Training Partner of (ISC)² . ISC² is an international, nonprofit membership association for information security leaders like you. We’re committed to helping our members learn, grow and thrive. More than 125,000 certified members strong, we empower professionals who touch every aspect of information security.

    (ISC)² information security certifications are recognized as the global standard for excellence. They allow you to prove your expertise and highlight your skill mastery. And for employers, having certified employees means your organization is better prepared to protect your critical information assets and infrastructures.

    (ISC)² created and maintains the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) on which security certifications are based. The CBK defines global industry standards and best practices in information security.

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    SNMP Submetering Application

    SNMP has developed and implemented a submeter system for Avion Solutions that allow them the meter incoming electrical power and associated loads as well as all other energy grid systems. The system used to perform the energy data collection is Schneider Electric SmartStruxure building management system and current transformers.

    Decatur Baptist Project

    SNMP is currently implementing an advanced control system for Decatur Baptist church. This system will manage their HVAC system, monitor lighting and control access to the building doors. This campus is over 200,00 sq. feet and is a very exciting project. More information will be provided as progress is made.

    SNMP Energy Assessments and Energy Star Performance Tracking

    SNMP help companies earn an energy star, a building can obtain an energy performance comparable to 25% of building of its type.

    For building to become ENERGY STAR they must be certified by an independent third-party like SNMP and increase energy efficiency. For building to be given an ENERGY STAR rating they must go through a third-party verification custom improvement and must meet the requirements of four checklist. These checklists seek to make sure that the building practices and improvements used promote improved comfort, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and durability of the building.

    SNMP target commercial buildings that must receive a score of 75 or higher on the Portfolio Manager and be verified by a licensed professional before applying for ENERGY STAR approval. The Portfolio Manager is an energy-tracking tool that can be used to measure the energy and water used of any building. Industrial plants must meet the same requirements but then be certified by a professional engineer.