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ISC² and SNMP.

SNMP Technologies is a partner with (ISC)². ISC² develops and maintains the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK), a compendium of information security topics. The CBK defines global industry standards and serves as a common framework of terms and principles standardized worldwide in Cyber Security.

Below is a list of the products that SNMP provide as a service for ISC². We can train and test individual or groups of students between 15 and 30 per group. Corporation seeking to establish a team of certified cyber security professional receive discount if group minimum is met. We have listed and given a brief explanation as why an individual would pursue one the ISC² certification products.

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SNMP Technologies Inc. Certification Courses
Course No. Certification Course Type
1 Certified Information System Security Professional Cissp
2 Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner HCISPP
3 Information Systems Security Architecture Professional Cissp
4 Information Systems Security Engineering Professional Cissp
5 Information System Security Management Professional Cissp
6 Systems Security Certified Practitioner Sscpp
7 Certified Authorization Professional Cap
8 Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional Csslp
9 Certified Cyber Forensics Professional Ccfp
10 Certified Cloud Security Professional Ccsp

    Certified Information System Security Professional

    Catapult your career.

    As other CISSP®s will tell you, this certification will raise your visibility and credibility, improve your job security, create new opportunities for you or increase your salary-depending on your country and employer. On average, (ISC)² members report having 35 percent higher salaries than non-members. (Source:”2017 Global information Security Workforce Study”).

    Challenge yourself to grow and be better.

    The CISSP® exam is a rigorous test of knowledge. But well beyond the exam, the CISSP® is about reaching a deeper, better and broader understanding of the common body of knowledge for cybersecurity. It’s an exhilarating feeling to become a CISSP®.

    Give yourself access to and respect from a global community of peers.

    Information security careers can feel isolating at times. With the CISSP®, you earn membership in (ISC)² a global community of thought leaders. You’ll meet experts who share your passion. You’ll be able to share ideas and find new ways to improve your craft. And you’ll open yourself up to connections around the world.

    Strengthen the skills you need to protect your organization.

    The CISSP® focuses on the practical application of cybersecurity knowledge and tools. It explores actual, on-the-job issues and risks. And it gives you a systematic approach to cybersecurity. All of this means you’ll expand the skills and knowledge you need to fulfill your duty to your organization.


    HealthCare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner


    The HCISPP® sets you apart. It shows you know best practices and have real-world expertise in both healthcare information security and privacy. It gives you more authority and appeal.

    Growth and learning.

    From exam prep to continuing education, the HCISPP® offers many ways to expand your knowledge. You can stay current with changes in healthcare security and privacy.

    Global expertise.

    The HCISPP® exam covers current, global topics. This ensures you’re up-to-speed on evolving threats and regulations around the world. You’re better prepared to protect your organization and patient data.

    Versatile skills.

    The HCISPP® isn’t product specific, so you can apply your skills to different technologies or initiatives-including mobile devices, single sign-on, cloud migration and electronic information exchange.

    Stronger collaboration.

    As an HCISPP®, your knowledge spans security and privacy. You can bridge the gap between departments and better understand problems. In doing so, you can earn more respect and be more successful in your work.

    Increased compensation.

    While pay practices vary by employer, many HCISPP®s find that this certification can lead to increases in pay.


    Information Systems Security Architecture Professional

    A demonstration of excellence.

    You want to stand out from your fellow CISSP®s. This concentration proves you have an elite level of knowledge and expertise.

    New opportunities.

    The CISSP-ISSAP® opens doors: from new career paths and jobs, to more exciting work.

    Growth and earning.

    This is an opportunity to dive deep and hone your craft. You’ll find new ways to grow and stay on the forefront of information security. And earing your concentration is a big challenge.

    Ease of continuing education and dues.

    As a CISSP®, you already have a relationship with (ISC)². If you earn the CISSP-ISSAP®, you only have to share your Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits with one organization. You may apply your CISSP-ISSAP® CPE credits toward your CISSP® requirement) if these credits are specific to security architecture). And your dues are a lot less than if you pursue and advanced certification with a separate organization. You’ll make great use of your time, energy and money.


    Systems Security Certified Practitioner


    The SSCP® certification validates your knowledge and experience. It’s a way to be taken more seriously. SSCP®s have a voice in decisions, and their managers and peers value their advice.

    New career opportunities.

    The SSCP® can spark career growth. It can lead to higher pay, promotions, more complex work, exciting challenges, project lead roles and even better jobs.

    Growth and learning.

    The SSCP® not only proves your knowledge, it helps you develop new skills you can instantly apply in your day-to-day work. And you’ll stay up-to-date on emerging security threats.

    A path to the CISSP® and/or a career in information security.

    The SSCP® is an excellent way to prepare for the CISSP®. It’s also a strong foundation for a career in information security. You’ll build confidence, learn new skills and get familiar with the format of the (ISC)² exams.

    A broader perspective.

    You’ll better understand the business side of things: from risk management, to business continuity planning. And because the SSCP® is vendor neutral, you can apply your real-world knowledge across platforms. You’ll bring more value to those you’re serving.

    Community of professionals.

    You’ll become a member of the (ISC)² community. You’ll gain access to an amazing network of peers and ways to better yourself.


    Certified Authorization Professional

    Credibility and marketability.

    Earning the CAP® is a powerful way to validate your knowledge. It shows you thoroughly understand information security and risk management processes and procedures. You’ll stand out and become more competitive.

    Better opportunities.

    Holding the CAP® certification makes you more versatile. It can help you move up and advance your career. If you’re a contractor, it can lead to better choice in assignments.

    Growth and learning.

    From exam prep to continuing education, the CAP® offers many ways to expand your knowledge. You can stay up-to-date with new technologies and risks.

    Increased compensation.

    While pay practices vary, many CAP®s find that this certification leads to increases in salary.


    Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professiona

    Instant credibility.

    The CSSLP® proves you’re a subject matter expert in application security. It shows you have desirable skills for employers around the world, giving you more opportunities.

    Increased compensation.

    While pay practices vary by employer, many CSSLP®s find that this software security certification can lead to pay gains and “skill premiums”.

    Relevant, new knowledge.

    Earning the CSSLP® is a great way to expand your security knowledge, in addition to affirming your expertise. It offers continuing education, so you can keep your skills current and relevant.

    Versatile skills.

    The CSSLP® isn’t product specific, so you can easily apply your skills to different technologies and methodologies.

    A broader perspective.

    As a CSSLP®, you have a holistic understanding of best practices, policies and procedures throughout the software development life cycle. And you have the skills to advise others on how to build secure software. This expertise can set you up for new jobs and opportunities.

    Better protect your organization.

    You make software safer. You make the world safer. Simple as that. As a CSSLP®, you have the power to protect your organization-and all the people counting on it to keep their sensitive data safe.


    Certified Cloud Security Professional

    Instant credibility and differentiation.

    The CCSP® positions you as an authority figure on cloud security. It’s a quick way to communicate your knowledge and earn trust from your clients or senior leadership.

    Unique recognition.

    When you earn the CCSP®, you achieve the highest standard for cloud security expertise. This certification is powered by the two leading non-profits focused on cloud and information security: CSA and (ISC)². Its vendor-neutral, and you need practical knowledge and experience to earn it. Quite simply, there is no other cloud security certification like it.

    Staying ahead.

    The CCSP® can enhance your working knowledge of cloud security principles and practices. It can keep you current on evolving technologies, new threats and new mitigation strategies. And it can fill in unknown gaps in your knowledge. You’ll stay ahead.


    Because the CCSP® is vendor-neutral, you can use your knowledge across a variety of different cloud platforms. This not only makes you more marketable, it ensures you’re better equipped to protect sensitive data in a global environment.

    Career advancement.

    The CCSP® creates opportunities. For example, as a consultant, it can help you expand into cloud services and win new business. If you’re and internal subject matter expert, it can help you move into more strategic roles.


Please review the two YouTube videos to understand the magnitude of each of the trainings and certifications.
Course Video Link Type
CISSP® CISSP® Video Government and Commercial Certification
HCISPP® HCISPP® Video Healthcare Certification
The average annual salary of an IT security professional is $93,000